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ElcomSoft PDF Password Recovery Service

pdf password recovery supercomputer

Recover passwords from password-protected PDF files easily and efficiently with this fully automated online system brought to you by Elcomsoft.

How it Works?

Our system is a computing cloud, a supercomputer of extremely high processing power. You simply need to specify a PDF file on your disk and the system provides you with one or more computing units to try to recover a password. When the correct password is found, the system will send it to you and allow you to decrypt your file using this password.

No Download

Everything runs within your web browser. You do not need to install any software!

No Upload

You do not have to upload your file to our servers either. Your file REMAINS ON YOUR COMPUTER. This means that if there is any sensitive data in your file, it will not be exposed.

How Fast Is It?

The cutting-edge hardware along with patented PDF Password Recovery techniques from an industry leader make it probably the most time- and cost-efficient way to recover passwords from PDF files.

Even a single computing unit in this system runs 20 times faster than an average desktop PC (depending on the encryption algorithm used).

For instance, it takes LESS THAN 1 MINUTE to recover a password from any PDF file encrypted with a 40-bit key.

How Much Does It Cost?

You do not have to buy any password recovery software. You do not have to pay for CPU time. You are paying only for the actual job done (the number of password attempts made). The price depends on the encryption algorithm used and varies from 0.01 to 0.9 cents per million password attempts.

Downloadable Utilities

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